Antos Overview

The new Antos. A whole new class of truck that has been specifically developed for distribution work from 18 t upwards – built to cater 100-percent to your requirements across all applications. Meaning you can go about your day-to-day tasks more effectively and efficiently whatever your line of work, whether it’s grocery transport, retail supply services or tanker and dry-bulk haulage.

The features making this possible: practical and comfortable cabs; highly responsive, dynamic powertrain configurations with Euro VI engines giving lower consumption and emissions; and particularly safe, assured handling characteristics.

And in addition: low repair and maintenance costs, design consistently directed towards ease of body mounting and a broad product portfolio – including special model variants designed for payload-sensitive and volume-oriented haulage.

In short, a truck which points the way forward with a new name and a new face. First and foremost though, one which offers you a tailored, purpose-built solution for all distribution applications from 18 t upwards.

The special model variants Antos Loader and Antos Volumer increase efficiency in sectors where payload and load space is crucial.


Antos Loader:

  • Increased payload capacity as standard for highly efficient haulage in sectors where payload is vital.
  • Unladen weight reduced with an array of individual measures, some of which can be deselected as required.
  • Unladen weight of below 6000 kg* possible with semi-trailer tractors.
  • Range of engine outputs and cab variants geared to practical operation.
  • With 4 x 2 semi-trailer tractors.


Antos Volumer:

  • Special model variant with particularly low frame and coupling point heights heights for maximum volume capacity.
  • Clear loading height of 3 m enabling outstanding use of the cargo volume.
  • Very high operating range due to optimised/enlarged fuel tank capacities.
  • Comprehensive range of wheelbases with choice of frame overhangs.

To ensure optimum ease of handling and make sure it can be matched exactly to the end application, the new Antos is available with a total of six cab variants. For applications calling for maximum body length and a low unladen weight, the ClassicSpace S-cab is the natural choice. The ClassicSpace M-cab is well-suited to longer runs and the CompactSpace M-cab with its flat roof is ideal for transporting cars. 

CompactSpace Cab Dimensions:

ClassicSpace cabs: Available as both S-Cabs and M-Cabs with engine tunnels of 320 mm and 170 mm, the ClassicSpace cabs are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy fitment of above cab equipment, whilst providing an excellent working space for regional and national heavy-duty distribution work.

CompactSpace Cab Dimensions: