Sprinter Overview

The design concept of Sensual Purity, which is so successful with Mercedes-Benz cars, has now also be implemented for the Sprinter. Because why shouldn't you look good at work, too? It inspires with an attractive, puristically modern design of surfaces. Highlights of the well-proportioned vehicle include the characteristic front view with large, centrally located Mercedes star and the side view with surfaces flowing over one another. Thanks to the modern design the wind resistance of the vehicle has also been optimised, which can have a positive influence on fuel consumption.

The modern radios and multimedia systems leave little to be desired in terms of Infotainment, navigation and communication. Mobile end devices can be connected to the internet via an integral LTE module/mobile telephony module with hotspot functionality. The controls of the multimedia systems via the touchscreen and the touch-control buttons on the steering wheel are also innovative, as is the voice control. Furthermore, received messages can be read out or created via a dictation function. For navigation, Live Traffic Information [1] is used, to keep trips as traffic-free as possible. Smartphones can be integrated into the control and display system of the vehicle via smartphone integration [2].

[1] Live Traffic Information (traffic information in real-time, country-specific) only in conjunction with Mercedes PRO.

[2] Smartphone integration is expected to be available from Q4/2018.

The connectivity solutions can increase comfort in the driver's everyday life and the economy of the company. Various interfaces and connection options connect mobile end devices with the vehicle. In order to keep the devices ready for use during the journey, various different charging options are available to choose from. Mercedes PRO helps to increase efficiency and productivity by connecting companies with their vehicles.

The cockpit with its exceptional 360 degree view is equipped to make a driver's everyday life as pleasant as possible. 5 different driver's seats are available to choose from for this, with which various comfort requirements can be met. This also includes seats, which fulfil the criteria of "EGR" by AGR. The modern control and display system is characterised, amongst other things, by the fact that smartphones can be integrated and the optional multimedia systems can be operated via touchscreens and the multifunction steering wheel. Order in the passenger compartment is ensured by the modularly designed stowage compartment concept with easy-to-reach stowage facilities – with covers upon request – and a clever multifunction box, on which writing tasks can be comfortably completed in the vehicle.

The stowage compartment concept has been revised and modularly designed. It comprises stowage facilities on the instrument panel, in the centre console and over the windshield, easy to reach for the driver and front passenger. The stowage compartments can be locked with a cover or equipped with additional cup holders upon request. All stowage options are available for both drive variants – selecting and deselecting is a completely free choice.