Econic Overview

An innovative special-purpose truck that combines versatility, ergonomics and convenience like virtually no other commercial vehicle – the Econic is in a class of its own. Its unique low-entry concept coupled with top quality from Mercedes-Benz means this is a vehicle that provides just what you need: comfort, efficiency, environmental compatibility and uncompromising commitment. Day in, day out.

Specialist tasks are the norm for the Econic -whether used as a refuse collection or recycling vehicle, for road maintenance or as a fire appliance, for inner city distribution or airside duties, the Econic proves to be a versatile ally.

  • The Econic is equipped with the most advanced engine technologies, enabling excellent fuel efficiencies.
  • Price benefits thanks to well-proven large series production technologies
  • Payload unchanged in spite of Euro VI implementation
  • Lower consequential costs for health and environment
  • Industry- and application-oriented
  • Longer maintenance intervals, reduction of repair and maintenance costs

The Alu-Space-Cage cab for the Econic is the innovative control centre: manufactured to a lightweight aluminium design, it marries minimum weight with maximum safety. The cab is available in two variants. The high cab variant provides generous room for movement through lateral headroom in the standard cab of 193 cm and comfortable spatial conditions for crew members. The low cab comes into its own where a low vehicle height is needed: thanks to the low cab height there's no need for diversions on urban routes with low vehicle headroom.

Tall cab Dimensions

  • Exterior height 2830 mm[1]
  • Exterior width 2.280 mm
  • Exterior length 2.050 mm
  • Internal height (lateral headroom) 1.915 mm
  • Interior height (through-cab access) 1.745 mm
  • Interior width 2.100 mm
  • Interior length 1.770 mm

Low cab Dimensions

  • Exterior height  2380 mm[1]
  • Exterior width   2.280 mm
  • Exterior length  2.050 mm
  • Internal height (lateral headroom)  1.465 mm
  • Interior height (through-cab access)  1.295 mm
  • Interior width  2.100 mm
  • Interior length  1.77